Lomo love.

By: Dave

Dec 19 2008

Category: Uncategorized


I want to get a holga. But at the same time, I think it’s ridiculous because of the film and since it’s not digital I got to scan everything which means extra work. Still, lomo photos are awesome pretty things. (:

Random lomo. 😀


6 comments on “Lomo love.”

  1. U can ask the person to burn into a CD-R for u while developing leh.. But it’ll cost $$$ =)

  2. Oh yea I’ve considered that but like you mentioned, $$! ): And it’s not entirely private since the person sees my photos. I might be taking shots of people doing stupid things they’ll think I’m crazy. LOL.

  3. HAHA! That’s true.. Anyway, are u gonna send us the photos (pathetic 2 only) that we took at Fish&Co? =)

    • I thought you guys didn’t want the other one cos xy’s face is kinda blocked? Do you want both the originals? The edit on is here on a recent entry, have you seen it?

  4. I want the originals. =)

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