One by one

Next stop – Japan.

Finally met up with the s09 girls. Don’t blame me because there’s only so little guys and my pw group’s only other stick-and-balls is Jon. Oh well. Anyway, Mel is going JAPAN(!!!) for one year of  overseas exchange. NUS gives awesome exchange programs. I mean, one whole year! So next christmas, we’ll have one lesser person at the dining table. ): Elyn and Mel have such a special affinity with Japan. Lunch was too brief I think. It was sorta like we’re squeezing whatever time we have in our schedules for one another for the sake of our tradition of meeting up during festive seasons. But at least we met up.

We have this crazy idea of going to Japan together next December to meet Mel and Elyn. Actually it’s not entirely crazy other than the savings part but they’ve been there – just the two of them – before and they worked things out somehow so I suppose we can trust them with the best moolah calculations for our trip down. Japan in December = awesome photos of winter. OMG.

Gelare’s yogurt apple crunch thingy ice-cream is damn nice. For about seven dollars I think it’s worth having it every Tuesday. 😀 Thank God for Gelare within reach in the neighbourhood!


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