Let’s just head out.

By: Dave

Dec 28 2008

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Red and green, unplanned on Christmas

Randomly I got a call from Cheng Hsuan and what could have been a sad unplanned christmas became a random outing. I thought it’s going to be a singles thing but yong ying came very much to my surprise. Well, three’s a crowd and four’s a joy I guess. (:



I obviously epic fail at playing out the geek-trend look, I look like a robot instead.

We went to Haji Lane famous for the apparel for those with acquired taste. Actually not just those with acquired taste but those with cash to blow too. We didn’t really patronize even though I had this urge to step in and peek. But peeking leads to trying out which means toying with temptation before burning credits so I deserve applause for going against the mindless will.

Hello I’m a lonely, vulnerable girl. Yes, now I have your attention.

Here’s my other lonely friend.

Yes, we do laugh and make merry…

But deep down, we are everyone’s favourite emo-geeks.

Because CH has been there before and know of a huge wall of graffiti, we headed to the end to snap some photos. The graffiti isn’t ga-ga quality but at least it’s something different from the other walls of Clean and Green Singapore. Of course there were cars coming in or it wouldn’t be called a lane. I didn’t think so before. I thought it has been converted into a shophouse are strictly for foot and not wheels. We pretty much had to watch out for cars and staring foreigners. It’s not even as awkward as locals walking by. I mean, draped under bags with that pair of odd-looking shades (if you call that one), it’s no wonder we felt awkward.

The love for wacky.

And the love for pretending to be in a model-shoot. LOL.
It was not easy. We kept bursting in laughter. πŸ˜€

We sort of combed bugis junction for things and food. Didn’t really make a clean sweep of purchases because kiasu Singaporeans were in throngs everywhere especially BHG. We could hardly make our way to the exit let alone pass it. The most amazing part is whatever that was on sale are all rather crappy items. Most of which would be too embarrassing to be worn or carried as half the population here know you got it from the year-end sale last year. You should have known better. It made news with this trend of buying as the economy plunges deeper but it doesn’t work this way. All these naive kiddos would find themselves discarding all the items next year as spring/summer sale comes and their current buys pale lifelessly in comparison. Buy some tissue paper at the sale too, you’ll need it next year when you realize. :p

I have no idea why he did that face. πŸ˜€

Take 1 and… perfect. ((:

A Christmas-y shot I’m proud of. While everyone was busy snapping photos which contain only the bottom half of the tree – largely made up of a carousel – in an effort to squeeze their relatives’ faces in, it took us only 2 shots to get this right. (:

Thank God Christmas came up with an unplanned outing. I could have been one of the sad sad souls sitting at home watching movies channel 5 play to pity the lonely ones. ):

And we head off. Thank you for the fresh Christmas experience. (:


4 comments on “Let’s just head out.”

  1. david david! lovely photos! haha and thanks for tt ‘cute’ description of my solo pics ah. hahahaha it was random but fun outing tt day! and i love your last shot! the capture of the blue sky. awesome! (((:

  2. yupp.. had a fun and fresh Christmas Experience.. yupp!
    Lets do it again… haha!

  3. Karmun – Haha thanks. It was fun experimenting with these photos. And I love the one with the red car. The first one too, we had such chemistry in that shot. πŸ˜€ The one with you and yong ying looks like we pulled it off a paparazzi mag!

    CH – Yea let’s do it again. Find more spots in Singapore. Maybe a meadow or plains where there’s lots of green to play with. It’ll be good if it happens to be a cloudless sky.

  4. Btw guys, can someone pm me yong ying’s msn? If she even has one? Maybe I added her long ago I don’t know. Does she even come online? Haha. Thanks!

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