Hello 09

So what are is the 2009 resolutions?

Just count to 2010; that is to get this year over with and it shall be history.

Because I’ll ORD in Jan and that would pretty much be spent clearing off and being on MC for the wisdom tooth extraction therefore, once this year comes to an end then HAHAHA kiss my ass you fucking bastards. Suck my toes and beg for forgiveness maybe I won’t torture you in the civilian world. Bleeding useless regulars; well some of them.

Dear 2009,

please don’t be a bitch and be over soon. Yea it’s Jan and I’m counting down to the end of  your year. 361 days left. Yay!


Cheers to the start of the end of this cheap labour/manpower/slavery however you would like to name it.

p.s. 20 more days to one year. (((:


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