Volunteer in the Asian Youth Games

By: Dave

Jan 05 2009

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Hi there,

You are receiving this email because you indicated your interest in events leading to Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

Asian Youth Games (AYG) will take place from 29 June to 7 July 2009 in Singapore and is jointly organised by Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and Ministry of Education (MOE).  It will see 1,000 athletes aged between 14 and 17 from 45 countries competing in over 80 events in nine sports.  AYG 09 is also a test event for Singapore 2010. As such, we will be deploying volunteers for AYG. The AYG organising committee will be in touch with you for possible volunteer opportunities during AYG. Volunteers who are selected to be part of AYG stand a good chance to be volunteers for Singapore 2010. You will be required to undergo various volunteer training before being confirmed as a volunteer. We urge you to put in your very best during the training and at the games. All the best 🙂


The ‘V’ Team

Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee


My God. I totally forgot about the Asian Youth Games. I would have some time next year because YOG is before uni starts (and no I haven’t gotten a place in case you’re wondering because I didn’t get one last year remember?) but AYG this year?! And I’m kinda obliged to volunteer to secure a place at the YOG in 2010. ): How can I participate when I have arrrrr meeeeeee wasting my time?? But apparently all those training would be held on weekends. I’m just really concerned about the event itself because it runs over a week or so. HOW!!!!? D:


6 comments on “Volunteer in the Asian Youth Games”

  1. i hav received a email sent by AYG but yet i dunnoe how to log into my acc…can u help me in solving this issue? u can msg, or call my phone via 91277509! thanks. hope to receive ur response soon!

  2. Moving forward, we will require you to take a Personality Profile Test to better help us in matching you to a suitable job function in AYG.

    You will also be required to take basic training modules including:
    1. Volunteering 101 (information on volunteering)
    2. Service Excellence & Cultural Diversity
    3. Tourism
    4. Go Green
    5. Basic First Aid and Safety

    You may log in at http://www.ssc-ees.sg to complete your Personality Profile Test.

    Some things to note:

    1. For individuals who are logging in for the first time, please log in with your NRIC No in the format: SXXXXXXXH. The default Date of Birth for the first log in is 12/12/1980. After the first log-in, you can edit the Date of Birth and subsequent log-ins will be based on the new date which you input into the system. For foreigners whose passport no. is longer than 9 digits/alphabets, please key in only the first 9 digits/alphabets in order to log in.

    2. After logging in, please go through your profile and update your particulars accordingly.

    3. Be reminded that all questions need to be completed at one time within a specific time limit.

    4. DO NOT log out when you are halfway through the test.

    This is what I got in my email.

    We will appreciate if you can complete the test by 16th Feb 2009 (Mon) 2359hrs.

    Please feel free to contact us at ayg@sportsvolunteer.sg if you face any problems when accessing this.

    Thank you and have a great weekend!

    The AYG Volunteers Team

  3. I just received another mail saying that email I received regarding the personality test is due to a system error.

  4. This is weird. I received an email from them too. But I have no idea why because I didn’t sign up nor express interest in Asian Youth Games. ): So the one they sent to log in or smth is not relevant to me? Thank you by the way.

    p.s. They sent to my junk mail unlike the YOG committee which got their mail directed into my inbox.

  5. You can email them to tell them if you want to volunteer. They will send another email to ask you to register as a sports volunteer at https://app.sportsvolunteer.sg/

    • Hi! Can I ask you, so if I don’t want to be part of the AYG, do I have to email them to specify that? I’m serving NS now so I don’t think I’ll be available for the AYG period since it’s held over weekdays. Thanks. (:

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