Mildly Colourful

By: Dave

Jan 06 2009

Category: Uncategorized


I wish my life is at least mildly colourful.

But it isn’t and life seems to pale more fiercely than ever. 


Today was bad. We reached Kranji to be welcomed by a few sad facts. There is work there. I may have duties. Nobody’s even close to the likes of Siang Long, Siew Keong, Rallen or Samuel. (It’s really  everybody of our age bracket and even Shadow) I don’t think I can cope with this. Why do they have to screw things up when I convinced myself this year will be fine and everything will be over soon.


Oh colour balloons don’t you drift away. Please.


3 comments on “Mildly Colourful”

  1. soon u are gonna see a similar picture in my blog.. yupp! haha.. COLOURFUL BALLOONS…

  2. it’s all really nasty innit?

  3. Cheng Hsuan: Oh okay I’ll go see after you posted. (:

    justin: yea those muthafuckas. I really hope this isn’t final. As in decision wise and all.

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