By: Dave

Jan 08 2009

Category: Uncategorized


Would today’s dusk lead to a better dawn? Or will we not see dawn ever again? ):

Today was another fuck day. I don’t understand why we’re even at Kranji. We had to do other people’s job because we have none of our own. Where is the incentive to work if all you get from completing your task is a new mission to help your lazy, bastardized workplace hellions? We painted a vehicle today; with sponges. I spent an entire day fighting the desire to paint an ugly penis somewhere obscure on the vehicle. But I think the vehicle is going over to our favourite gaydung camp so I thought I’d be nice. Oh man, I miss that cesspit tucked neatly in that little corner of our island or rather the liberty, familiarity and job scope I have. ):

On a random rant, I hate iphone. I hate their users even more. Pressing away on their fat-ass screens and sneering at all the real cell phones around even though they are really having a million typos and going at 1word/60s. Superficial, pretentious people. That’s what they are. Hur.


2 comments on “Dusk”

  1. I hate the iphone too. My dad owns one and i tried sending a “Hello, how’re you” message and it took me 3 minutes to just type that out! HAHA!

  2. yay! say no to iphone! (:

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