The alternative.

Tumbling at tumblr is my new alternative. I didn’t get sick of wordpress or maybe I did but that doesn’t mean it sucks because it has always been improving. It’s neat features and sleek design are reasons good enough for me to never turn back to blogspot. But tumblr has been thrilling too. So it’s the alternative site which would force me to focus less on stats and stalkers and more on exploring. They don’t have stat counters perhaps because unlike the conventional blog, tumblr is a communty of people who don’t really care about who’s reading – at least that’s what I think.

Maybe someone’s stalking, maybe an enemy is tracking every thought and move I were to make. Who cares? And for the record, I am not leaving wordpress. It’s just too dear to be abandoned. I mean c’mon I can be bitching about everything in both password and private entries. :p

p.s. I love tumblr.

p.p.s. I know you already knew; that was just to annoy you. 😀


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