Let’s not get bloody.

You’re welcome. 😀

Chinese New Year was decent. In some ways, it was better than the last. I think the kids made Chinese New Year more youthful. Now I actually belong to the same conversation as the adults (all about NS, careers and such) so all the nephews and nieces kinda made our houses a lot less boring.

There is Blood Donation Drive thingo this Friday. Donating blood in my unit = half day = everyone donates + blood bank gets richer = Everyone benefits!
It will be my fourth time, I think. I am actually looking forward to losing blood. (: I know Shuyun will be damn proud of me. I didn’t really have a chance to tell her this since the last time I saw her was… A-level results day? That is almost a good whole year man.

The photo above, it’s a plushie the Blood Bank @HSA gave during the donation. I love squeezing it. It’s good for blood circulation but more importantly, it’s good to vent your anger on. You could choose to pinch it or hurl it at your nagging mom. I’m just kidding.

Did I mention. No I didn’t. Mondays are like reset days; when the previous sucked like crap. They’re like hopeful things for the week. I know the classic Monday blues we hear all the time but they’re just excuses for an already horrid weekend. So let’s hit reset together and look forward to a less messed-up life this week. I could be optimistic or it is just the extremely short week I have ahead. (:


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