Chinese New Year Dinner.

By: Dave

Feb 08 2009

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the. Indulge Restaurant, CNY dinner. (:

I managed to get there earlier than the usual me would have been. By that I mean in relative terms. I was still late but it’s only 10 minutes. (: Oh well I had a friend drive me from camp so that explains. Haha. Anyway second year of the tradition to meet on all festive seasons. (actually I’m not sure if it works this way or we just so happened to meet on all festive occasions)

I think school is taking a toll on these girls. Everyone’s so stressed up. We spent at least 65.5% of our time talking academic-related subjects – not that it didn’t benefit me. Mel mentioned the whole honours thingo where third and second-lower class honours is as good as nothing. God save me brains please, bless me with some IQ, thanks.


Did I mention how much Mel somewhat look like a Japanese? It must be all that jap stuff she studied for years. Which of us none-Japanese raised in Singapore could write an essay on Japanese culture in their language?! What is wrong with you Melissa! And you major English!! Shit, I feel stupid now.

Anyway we had awesome dou jiang you tiao again. We should go there every now and then, at an earlier time too! The little room upstairs is always so comforting and cozy, like a little playroom.


2 comments on “Chinese New Year Dinner.”

  1. BIAS! Why only put photos that got ur face only!!

  2. Cos I was too lazy. HAHA. No la, the other photos don’t have faces and the one with you and PeiJun has very bad lighting cos light was behind you so the faces are super dark and I suck at editing such. ): Sorry!

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