Claudia’s 21st Birthday

Ex-TPJCians at Claudia’s 21st. (:

It was kinda awkward since Jolene didn’t come (in a way it’s good cos things between her other half and me wasn’t so good back in track days) so it was just me and Joanne. I was constantly worried who we’re going to talk to. Perhaps it’s because that’s the first 21st birthday I was going to or the fact that I could be running into many many strangers that made me panic. But anyway it wasn’t too weird as she had her primary, secondary and jc friends sticking to their own tables. It turned out to be a small cozy gathering, kinda ideal for my birthday celebration if I intend to have one.

Is it always this weird? Maybe this is what growing up to be 21 years old is like – meeting strangers and socializing like you know each other within 5 minutes. Joanne’s pretty owns at the table. She kinda just spilled her personal life story out to our table and got everyone talking to her. I only spoke to like 2 persons at the table of 6 including myself. That’s how awkward I felt then. Oh oh! Claudia’s family owns Emi cakes! OMG. I think I can get discount for my 21st birthday cake. The something brownie addiction pwnsssss. I ate 2 giant slices. 😀

Sprinter, Thrower, Sprinter. (:


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