Eye Pee Pee Tea.

I have I.P.P.T tomorrow. I have not ran in a million years. I don’t even have swimming stamina because the last time I swam was before Chinese New Year and it was like ONCE. ): The last time I did something which resembled a pull-up was last year when I was cleaning up the room; I was pulling out some papers pressed under the whole stack of ‘How the Human Body Works’ series.

I am so screwed. I hope there’s someone to fail it with me at least. Oh wait, there’s Matt. 😀

p.s. SAT I results to be out in 2 days. :S It’s the first time I don’t have expectations because I have no idea what I would get. I know it’s bad but I don’t have  a hypothetical value in my head. Is that suppose to be good?


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