Epic fail.

By: Dave

Feb 11 2009

Category: Uncategorized


I failed my I.P.P.T. The most ridiculous part  – aside from the fact than I can actually do x4 of my initial number of pull-ups – is where I can’t even pass 2.4km. And my shuttle run is a shame to any sprinter’s reputation. I have never in my life gotten below that A mark. It must be the warm-up which is basically none. Knowing my weak, cramp-prone muscles I should have known better. Only Wilbur did below 10 in our group.

This is terribly shameful. It’s like post pregnancy, some people never got out of that fat figure (as Joanne talked about it). What if I’m stuck in this state of lousy agility? Urgh, it’s fucking excuses again, isn’t it.


2 comments on “Epic fail.”

  1. Chill. Try to train harder. i’m sure u can=)

  2. HAHAHA. I was so emo after ippt that time. Crazy right. Who would have thought I’m enthu about ippt? (read: OFF days to be rewarded) LOL.

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