The breath of morning breeze.

Is Spring here? I can’t feel it. It’s bloody cloudy every morning. I can’t swim without a warm morning sun because I hate getting froze by the ice-cold water. Any idea why the water’s so cold in the day? I used to think the pool water would be colder in the evenings but they turned out to be pretty much lukewarm. Weird. Anyway, there’s lesser rain days now so chances are, I would be swimming away calories. I now understand what Jehanne meant by ‘I have fats stored in areas hidden from the eyes of the public’. Alright, so maybe she didn’t say that exactly but it’s something alone that line. ): I am an ectomorph! (At least I look like one and have been one until now it seems) How can I have fats stored? I’m going anorexic I swear!

LOL. When I am anorexic, Sam would go vegetarian.


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