You should be sad too.

By: Dave

Feb 23 2009

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A Mother’s Love

This touched me. It makes me feel that my few days spent as a premature baby was really nothing given that I’ve grown up normal and all. I should appreciate my mum more. ):
The series of photos that unfold to tell the story is here.


7 comments on “You should be sad too.”

  1. That was sad. it was really touching. Oh man, yeah.. i realise i should treasure my mum more too even though she can be such a pain sometimes. Oh wells, mum would never be mothers if they weren’t pain in the arses! HAHA! 🙂

    • I know. They can be such a pain! But they suck at expressing themselves sometimes. Sighs. I wanna catch up with you!! We should meet! Hahaha. When would you be free? You can just write on my wall on fb instead if you want. ((:

    • btw, Why am I not invited to read you blog. You didn’t add me? ):

  2. Not invited? The whole privitising my blog thing was a failure. So, it’s back for public viewing. And, btw.. I forgot to invite quite a number of people. Sorry abt that. I’m free Weds and Thursdays. Any time 🙂 But won’t be in singapore from 15th.. cause i’m jetting off to Dubai. HOLIDAYSS! :))))

  3. You’re going to Dubai for holidays? Is the economic recession over? Did I miss it? Oh wait, you’re rich I forgot. ):

  4. NONSENSE! we got the airline tickets even before the recession started and they were on promotion! Moreover, if we cancel the tickets now, there won’t be any refund because they don’t take “economic recession” as a valid reason. HMPH!

  5. Sorry I just un-spam(ed) your comment. WP is sucking at filtering the real spam from the rest. Anyway, it’s still Dubai! I only went to Malaysia last year. And I never left SG this year so far. I must thank NS for rooting me down. Urgggggh,

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