By: Dave

Mar 09 2009

Category: Uncategorized


I think I fucked everything up in my life. Mid-life crisis is hitting me even before I turn 21. A complete failure is just about what I’ll call myself now. ):


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  1. What? NOOO!!! You’re definitely not a complete failure. Just cause you haven’t got into a uni.. that doesn’t mean you’re a complete failure. C’mon.. i don’t like seeing a very pessimistic David.

  2. my darling senior! u always have everyone =) if it’s r/s prob, u can always sms me. if it’s health prob, u can always let me know and i pray for u. if it’s family prob, cmon, u can sort it out for sure. if it’s education, we can try going uni together or try for SIM =) If it’s career prob, everyone is having the same prob, so don worry much abt it. If it’s money prob, just set a financial planning/budget now. If it’s mental prob, den is gone case. but i will still try to look for pyschia. for u! love u darling senior!! meet up soon okkk

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