Measly and mediocre

As I made my applications for the 3 local universities, it flashed through my mind, ‘what have I done to my life’. I guess I’m not coping well with mediocrity.

By the way, I think I fucked one of the applications. I typed the achievements section on a very late night and clicked on submit before I could read through the draft. Great. Oh and let’s not forget the part that I don’t have any real achievements to boast in my profile. Tell me something sadder.

On a totally different subject, yesterday this sgt/dude-who-oversees-or-supervises-our-training came up to me during break and complimented on my strides. (: Apparently he saw how I ran during slope sprinting. Yes, at least all those track trainings paid off. The drills we did never really left me I guess. (:


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