We ran in the rain.

So it wasn’t all of us but Si Rong did. And I did run for quite a distance. My leather shoes – albeit cheap and all which btw happen to be my only pair of leather shoes – were soaked inside out. At Palais I took them off and poured water out of it. I believe I left everyone aghast with horror. We took over the toilet and Joshua took the most embarrassing shots of me airing my shoes with the hand-dryer using his lomo camera. No matter how awkward it would turn out, I shall upload the photos once he develops the film. I am kinda looking forward to it cos I’ve never seen one in real life.

Marmalade Pantry was pretty awesome. Prices were as steep as those at P.S. Cafe but they offer items on the menu. They only had words on the menu which is pretty much a love-hate thing. I had no idea what my name-I-forgot-pudding would look like but it is precisely the point. Anyway we took the fash mags there which came with 25 bucks of fcuk vouchers. Maybe we’ll find something we like from the 09 spring/summer collection. But really, I’m kinda cash-strapped now. ):

We walked around Cine and am surprised SR and Wenhua didn’t swear at me for patronizing at num. They are were staunch against the idea of donning anything that can be bought there. I finally had my fugly orange havaianas exchanged for decent green. It is probably cliched since half the MRT could be wearing that, at least I’m not forced to trot around the neighbourhood in that previous pair.

Anyway, Germany sounds like a much more decent place than India so I guess we don’t have to worry too much about WH. 3 and a half weeks sounds damn long despite the fact that the last time I saw him was about as long as that. I think it’s the idea of a person not being contactable as and when you might need that creates this feeling of gone. Oh well.


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