Sorry it’s not about a millionaire. It’s a poor bastard who never achieved anything in his life and is currently on fucking one week mc. Eventually I had to take over his duty which btw is his assigned punishment. It is firstly, a Saturday. I totally missed out on the good weather for basking in the sun, reading papers and then swimming. Next, I had shit from one kkTan who made my last duty with him hell. Not to mention the fact that we were released later because some other bastards were late. In fact I never knew if they came because I left the cursed grounds before they crawled their way there.

But you know, when this fucking scumdog works as a security guard or cleaner at my workplace in future, I’ll make his life a living hell. Of course he is not limited to the above mentioned jobs. After all, there’s Mac delivery, Pizza delivery and Pastamania too. Then again, he could be working as a MRT driver or what you call them. In any case, in the real world, they will fucking die. Or they have their other option which we call POVERTY. But they call it paying-everything-by-installments. Woopsy! Have a nice life, bitch.


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