The thing about social networks

Who am I kidding. I am obviously talking about facebook. The truth is, it isn’t a social network per se. It does pretty much other things not stated by themselves. Of course that is aside from the cam-whoring (everybody’s guilty), doodling walls with pretentious messages and playing lame-ass games because your job sucks but at least it has a computer with broadband. Oh and a new addition would be quizzes everyone does because it’s in the name of fun or is it?

So what do we really use facebook for? For one, to showcase the plethora of photos we have. It could be new year, christmas or halloween. It could be birthdays (obviously a favourite because it seems like the perfect reason to make funny faces) or Mother’s Day so the whole world knows that you are surrounded by love. Awww. Sometimes it appears to showcase how lame we look but subconciously – or for most people, consciously – we just want the world to know that we have friends and an awesome happening life without a tingle of a worry enough to stop our funny-faces. It is amazing how the audience get conned. The bottome line is, we’re trying to make the world jealous. All you friends who added me on facebook, watch it; I have the life you’ve been looking for. Period. (Of course you can continue browsing the photos of my new car with envy. Oh and don’t forget my 21st birthday held at Four Seasons Hotel’s Penthouse.)

Surely for all this to happen (a supply as you can see), there has to be a demand right? So what do we call them? Crudely, stalkers. They can be your friends or strangers if you’re the exhibitionist who keeps your profile open to public. Our popular fb is the best platform to stalk. You’ll know where your stalkee has been up to – with photos! Something which twitter hasn’t even caught up with.

Sorry to end this abruptly but what I really want to say is, we’re relying so much on social networks today. There’s isn’t really a purpose to meet your friends anymore because you can text then on their walls. You can see the photos of their new haircut or piercings or mutilations – God knows what else.  The other day I saw a video on Virtual Rush which made me wonder, isn’t 2nd Life bad enough? Of course the other camp would argue that networks and such are very different from what you can get in real life and it’s all about balance blah blah blah. I don’t disagree but I still feel that the line between real life and internet life is blurring too rapidly for any good.


Or maybe I could just be paranoid. 😀


p.s. I haven’t typed so long in a while. I’m kinda waiting for Dinner that’s why.

p.p.s. You are so stalking me reading all the way till the end.


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