This is epic LOL.

By: Dave

Apr 12 2009

Category: Uncategorized


But with all seriousness, the local pretty airheads mostly end up screwed up. And screwed by many. There’s nothing shameful with sleeping around but it will be when you crawl out of your rented room onto the streets and realize the line of beggars outside Chinatown were those that banged you during your Cheerleader days. No wonder they say ‘Save the Cheerleader, save the world!’. We need them airheads to make the rest of us look intelligent! YAY! *cartwheels away*

p.s. Chinatown was used as a metaphoric expression. And so is Cheerleader.


2 comments on “This is epic LOL.”

  1. You can thank me for introducing you to this website and thus contributing this post and probably countless other posts to this blog. YOU;RE WELCOME=)

  2. OK FINE. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU. I gonna steal your reeses I’m telling you. Heh.

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