Yet another freed.

Jiamin’s 21st – First from left, single but not sure of availability. :p

It’s the only photo we took together. 2 reasons to be sad about it. One, it is someone else’s polaroid. None of our cameras actually have a photo of all of us whom were present. Secondly, the only photo we had happen to be in front of the shoe rack. Oh well.

I don’t know if I should feel honoured or insulted to almost be the only guy at jm’s party. It doesn’t help to know the other guy is from dragonboat and has a physique which makes me feel inadequate. I almost felt like a girl among them. Picture this: dragonboat girls everywhere in a living room. Half of them darker than me even though I just tanned 2 weeks ago. And it doesn’t help to hear catcalls and sexy cries of jm’s relatives that went something like this: omg the only guy! thorn among the roses! whooo hooo! when we were taking our only photo you see up there. The aunties scare me. LOL. But we had a great deal of fun reminiscing the only year I spent with them. Of course all that minus the cabbing back because xy’s mum decided that it’s not safe for her to drive all of us home.

I think we all associate 21 with freedom. I beg to differ. I am really afraid to be 21 because my parents cannot be held responsible for my wrongs and they can chase me out of the apartment without facing consequences. You could approach Ministry of Home Affairs if your parents decide to kick you out before your 21st. Most importantly, at 21 they would start most of their everyday speeches with ‘you’re already 21 yet you are not mature enough to do blah blah’. They would very likely stop allowance – not that they haven’t already done so ever since I’m in ns. So 21 kinda sucks if you’re still dependent on them. R21 and Zirca entry for guys is probably all that there is to it. C’mon who really waits for R21 movies for the sex or gore. There’s porn and everything bloody can be downloaded anyway. Get real, adults and the censorship board! It’s ironic calling them adults when we’ll pretty much be one soon. I’d rather be a deranged rebellious teenager because all my misconduct can be attributed to a damaged childhood or an unloving family. No that’s not really what’s happening to me but at least there is room for assumptions and excuses.


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