By: Dave

May 16 2009

Category: Uncategorized


Anyone has these chocolates? I saw them at this supermarket at Dempsey the other time but I heard it doesn’t taste that awesome – well at least the yellow one doesn’t. Ain’t the design just so fresh? They have other awesome product designs here. (:


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  1. hello david, your blog is an inspiration to me (: many interesting visuals to see and brainstorm! i’ve seen this packaging before but not sure where you can get them. you can check out this website for more nice packaging:


  2. hey! Why michfriend? I was thinking who it was. lol. I came across these random interesting articles while browsing. I’m glad it doubles as an inspiration. (: I saw the choc at Dempsey Hill, heard the yellow one’s not very nice. Never tried it though. (:

  3. Man, they have airconditioned bus stops because the weather’s mad down there. it can get up to 55 degrees during summer u know…
    But, of course.. these people have too much money too. Bastards.

  4. OOps, i commented at the wrong post. That was supp to be for the bus stops.

    And you changed your blog address without telling me. Wha laooooo!
    Anyway, they are too rich. Them and us is already such a huge income gap, think about the poor African kids. Ok wait, I should be feeling grateful but I’m feeling poorer. haha.

  6. Haha. I didn’t change my blog address man. I just deleted it. My life’s so boring that i have no inspiration to blog.. Haha. Meet up soon, eh? 🙂

  7. yes yes! Let me know when you’re free. (:

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