Mel’s 21st.

Why am I not in the photo: Because the loser we asked to take our photo was fucking lousy with a camera. He can’t take a picture to save his vagina.

I skipped Angels and Demons for Timbre with Sean and co. Or I would really have wanted to watch with them girls. I feel as if I have difficulties feeling comfortable around them now. It must be army. It makes girls look like another species altogether. Anyway, the dinner was damn short because I arrived late and the food sucks. Plus, I was in a really crappy mood. I kinda screwed up that part of the evening.

Mel’s 21st was different from the others (actually not so much when I count them out) as it’s not a huge-ass party nor was it a group gathering. But like most 21st, it’s filled with strangers and people we find weird. I’ve come to conclude that each 21st birthday party makes you wonder who this person you call is friend is like when s/he’s not around you. Looking at the other groups of friends talk to the birthday star, you can’t help but feel like there’s some parts of him or her kept away from you. It isn’t bad or unnatural. You just feel a little less familiar. And that is probably why I’m not going to throw a party. Besides, I’m a lazy host. Like Sean said, why should we be the entertainer on a day where we’re supposedly the damn most important person? I think he said that, I’m not sure cos the alcohol kinda messed with my thoughts that night. (:

I swear this is damn old school looking. It is only less than a week old but it feels like it’s 10 years old. It might be the angle but it’s probably the hand gesture. Honestly, I have no idea what was going through our minds when we took this. A very weird way to welcome adulthood.


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