To promote harmony

Firstly, before we even talk about how rac!st everyone naturally is, look at the upbringing of your loser kids. We can’t promote racial harmony when we have your immature delinquents sitting at void decks begging for attention at random pedestrians. It isn’t like your community is a workaholic lot – judging from your average houshold income which is proven to be one of the lowest each year with the least incremements as compared to everyone else’s – so you can’t give excuses that you’re busy working and the maids aren’t taking good care of your loser kids. In the first place, you can’t afford the cost of maids (although you pretend to own cars but that’s just because you think anything that can be purchased via instalments should be bought). So maybe you guys should start sending your kids to school without taking up half the normal tech places and actually learn something that proves to be productive to the society. Perhaps that’s too many kids to handle hence the waning attention which leads to improper upbringing and rebellious attitude. The lack of an authority to direct and control them are reasons why all you are such social parasites. So stop fucking and use contraceptives. Or just swallow them instead. Thanks.

Because fucking around is the root to all your evils. Ok fine, fucking without using some brains. Are condoms that expensive?


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