It has to end here.

By: Dave

Oct 11 2009

Category: Uncategorized


There comes a time when you have to let go. I’m moving on, elsewhere.

This wordpress has been awesome. I will still be blogging here but not frequent and mostly private entries because of the awesome private entry feature.

Will post the new address up soon. Meanwhile, don’t stop partying while we’re still young and horny. Heh. (:

p.s. If my Engrish  has been crap, I apologize, I could almost convince myself I’m illiterate now – given the time spent in army now that it’s 3 months left. YES THREE MONTHS LEFT YOU GOT THAT RIGHT. (:

p.p.s. Oh yea, photos should still be uploaded here I guess. FB tragically lowers the photo quality when you upload them.

p.p.s. Zouk was fucking awesome. MSTRKRFT was dope. ((:


2 comments on “It has to end here.”

  1. will you still be using wordpress? Haha! In case you don’t know, i’ve moved my blog to wordpress! make sure u change my link.

    -Hui Ning

  2. hello! Actually I’m starting to have second thoughts about changing wordpress. I’m feeling too attached to this site. (: Plus it’s super useful. Maybe I’m just tired. Oh well.

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