I decided.

By: Dave

Dec 25 2009

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Hello Cheng Hsuan! (see, I put your name down la!) I know I haven’t been blogging and you’re a loyal fan visiting my blog. So here’s a post so you would be surprised to not see my last entry on photography. I didn’t know anybody reads this crap so I thought I’d stop.
Anyway blogs make me feel vulnerable cos you don’t know who’s reading and I don’t know how much I’m allowed to express without jeopardizing my privacy. I guess it’s the whole fear of others knowing too much about you? Right?

As we grow and live each day, we put up more barrier, built up more walls and placed more shields around ourselves because each setback, each betrayal has taught us one lesson – you pretty much can’t trust anyone other than yourself. Whether this lesson learnt is accurate becomes less significant when you realize that you were wrong about being only able to trust yourself. Because one fine day, you discover that you’re making mistakes you never thought you would or your mind has betrayed your heart. You know, the whole logic versus emotion, rational actions versus impulsive thoughts. The metaphorical illustration of walls and barriers explains why your childhood friends (or in our case, secondary school pals) will always be relevant. I’m not saying this because I’ve suddenly got an epiphany or that it finally dawned on me the importance of people you can trust. It has been this way on my mind ever since I graduated from sec sch. No matter how deceitful some of your close friends back then happened to be, you will minimally establish a love-hate relationship with them up till today. We might gossip or bitch like little girls but it’s nothing that destroys lives – perhaps reputation but nothing you can’t handle.

That is not to say you can’t trust anyone anymore from here on. It is just harder. A lot harder. Things were simple and innocent when you were 13. It is either I-hate-you or stick-with-me. There weren’t that many shades of gray. You could get away with bitching because the ones you bitch to keep things within your circle of friends. It isn’t quite the same when you’re past 18. Information is weapon. You could exaggerate or even falsify. Who cares? It is juicy and has to be spread like malaria. You could start a rumour on the phone and 10minutes into the conversation, you’ve got a tweet on your rumour exaggerated and peppered in the most spicy way. Has technology really moved us into a better decade since year 2000? Then again, allow me to deviate from the subject.

Did we get closer ever since social networks were introduced? No. It kept us in touch, if you were to put it mildly. But what it really encourages are snooping around, stalking and perhaps consecutive nights of late sleep from tracking down who’s the bastard who liked the status of your girlfriend. Heck, you might even add that bastard (who turns out to be a really nice person) just to see their exchange in wall comments. And yes, by social network, we’re referring to Facebook here. Duh. So FB has made us pretentious people. Of course you can’t undermine it’s ability to keep us close to our relatives and friends (whom we’ve actually seen in real life) but the primary purpose and goal of the FB people who started this network is already almost history. Stay connected? LOL. More like seeing your every motion and thought. We post status, photos and links which could possibly decide what kind of person you are. It’s just like the clothes you wear to town decide the impression you’re gonna give. If you post a classical song, you’re boring (unless you can pull it off or your 14 friends on FB are Baroque geeks). If you tell us on your status about your latest Prada find, you’re upper-class. (unless your 25,000 friends is made up of 50% enemies who just wanna laugh at your dress codes). If you post partial nude photos of yourself, you’re a shameless slut (unless your friends consist mainly of fans and random people obsessed with you). So choose the right things to post. It makes us all pretentious because we are aware (well most of us) of the consequences of something coming from us going online. Yea, we never really got that much closer. It just made easier access and provides content for bitching when you meet up with your real people. Don’t be too upset, at least you know that I remembered your Birthday – after checking the reminders on the side panel on my FB news feed page. :p

I’m becoming a keyboard warrior fighting imaginary enemies. I shall stop here.

p.s. Des Teo! If you manage to read till here, please send me the photos so I can upload some decent ones here. Or you’ll be stuck reading this post for the next 3 months! 😀 Heh.
Merry Xmas babes. (:


3 comments on “I decided.”

  1. hey, good post and i also like your page layout too. Bookmarked your site and will stop by again

  2. Thanks. Glad you had a good read. (: (It was random ranting, heh.)

  3. hey david… will send u the photos soon alright.. Happy New Year! thanks for the post… hehe!

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