I gotta buy myself out

By: Dave

Dec 29 2009

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I wish I really do.

I am broke. I finally hit the 2 digits. ): I’m gonna save and eat like a beggar now. $10 in my wallet wallet will last me till the next pay day. Oh wait, I spent that $10 on cab last night. LOL. I’m borrowing money from the brother to buy my prosumer camera first. I think there goes my plans to get Holga or Polaroid. I saw the Ricoh cam. Sexy bitch I tell you. I really need moolah. And A.’s got a job already. Thank God the rest are still in NS. Makes me feel a little better. Hahaha. I have less than 15 working days left so I am pretty much ORD already. It’s just clearance signing and going back to camp to tease those that just got posted in. 😀

I have not applied for relief teaching. The ultimate combo would be relief teaching followed by A.’s job which is like only in e evening. But I guess I got to find something else cos that place ain’t hiring anymore. Sucks. Cos that’s a really easy job and I’ve never done retail. New Year would be like a reset button. ORD is like a fresh breath out of caged grounds. I can’t wait to start everything afresh. No that doesn’t mean I’ll abandon anyone. I just need to get going at things I used to be so passionate about. Starting with photography and then reading (more) and most importantly school again. I don’t wanna screw this up. I’d really rather go local then private. It’s just safer and I can’t do social sciences in private. I would be fighting a losing battle. At least SIM biz has some reputation and people has heard of you. NUS FASS and NTU’s humanities is about all that the local employers are interested. Well, not exactly but pretty much.

When people talk about school and my viable remaining options, it still hit that wounded spot. What if you still don’t get somewhere? I really don’t know. And I’m not on my pills anymore so there’s no escape anymore.


2 comments on “I gotta buy myself out”

  1. It sucks to feel goddam broke, especially when you know you have lots of debts to pay (legal btw). Is Ricoh good? I’m like still lemming for a Holga but looking on a more practical side, I think a normal good camera should be a better options right?
    Anyway, relief teaching should be easy to apply, just need to get ur butt off the chair and start calling or emailing schools so that they will hire you. The application process ain’t a long wait. As for school, all the best in your application. I guess it’ll be better if you apply for social sciences or arts courses. =)

  2. I know! And I owe you more money than ever. Shit. I think Ricoh looks pretty decent. Check out this group of Ricoh digital photos on flickr. http://www.flickr.com/groups/grdigital/
    It makes my heart itch. But I’m not gonna get it now cos I need a decent prosumer cam tt isn’t going to cost me a bomb and has proper customer care services in case I screw my cam up.

    And yes to applying. It’s easy but whether they call you up is another problem. Also, ditto on the course choices. I really need to figure out a miracle.

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