Old times always catch up

If you want to.

Awesome day. (: I met up with Cho Yee and Yan Bing. 😀 My awesome track babes. One sprinter that helps me relief all training stress during our boring training days. One long d runner who has been very available during school since we took H2 bio and our classes had people whom are friends. I heard a lot about NTU hall life. They have air con. omg. If I do get a place in biological sci then I’m so staying there. And yes, I’ve suddenly given second thoughts to bio again cos of the hospital work in biomed. CY mentioned analyzing lab results and such. It isn’t exactly out of my league, really. I’m just not sure if I want to do that my entire life. That’s a tough cookie. And I’m still getting the question of what would I do if I can’t get local 3. Well, the 4th one is coming. But I gotta delay a year and I’m not really sure if that’s wise. Then again, a year out there experiencing temp jobs seem more acceptable than before. It used to be against my principle of life since it wastes youth. Somehow I think it’s alright now. Well, 2009 changed me too much.

Jn made me go to airport for dinner and I’m very proud to say I’m early. (: Cos I was already out la. Otherwise, we’ll be competing to see who finally left the house. Hah. Swensens at T2 has decent service. And I was happy when armed with my Parmesan cheese that came in a bottle which allows for spamming. (: They had chilli flakes that came in pretty powder-ish form. Awesome with cheese, trust me. Oh, and I got to kop Jn’s fries – as usual. I’m really glad I caught up with them girls today. I need that dosage of oestrogen in my life. hahaha.


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