Gap Year

By: Dave

Jan 28 2010

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If I can’t get matriculated by this year into a local uni, I decided I’d take a gap year, maybe go on a working holiday or just volunteer work abroad or something. I’m pretty sure I would get plenty of time to think about what I want and reflect on my sad 21 years of life I almost wasted.

So yes, this is my back-up plan. It isn’t an escape route where I decide to ditch Singapore without telling a word to my friends. Besides, I’m really tired of routine and a normal holiday isn’t going to make the cut for me.


7 comments on “Gap Year”

  1. wow… that’s interesting.. haha! cool man. good for you.. take care! 🙂

  2. Thanks. (: You take care too.

  3. I suppose you can join YEP as an overseas volunteer. Their proposals and trips are actually quite interesting. Quite worth it. And I like your back-up plan. At least it is meaningful and reflective if you are to go on volunteer work or something. Save up the money! Or perhaps you can learn something new during this time.
    All the best dude! =)

  4. I am joining this year’s YEP to Cambodia. I have my name down alr. Cos one of my friend is one of the project leaders. I’m very excited cos I can capture all the moments with my Oly Pen! ((:

  5. And thanks a lot for the support! (: I’m glad I finally have something for back-up. ((:

  6. Serious? When is it? I’m actually thinking of whether to join my school in a pilot project to Nepal for community service learning which will span for a period of 5 years. But of cos I wont be there for 5 years lah. Haha! I went to the briefing and it is very meaningful given that the idea was to encourage reading and improving the education scene in one of the proposed school there.

  7. It tentatively held from 20th May 2010 – 6th June 2010. I email you the info on fb. Interviews are held this week. (:

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