I think the superficial world is consuming me.

By: Dave

Jan 30 2010

Category: Uncategorized


Actually, I don’t just think, it’s definitely happening. Secondly, it’s not just consuming, it’s overwhelming. So much so that it’s very depressing. I need half a pill of Lexapro now. ):


6 comments on “I think the superficial world is consuming me.”

  1. Sounds bad. But does Lexapro really helps to calm down and feel better? My GP prescribed me with Lexotan but it doesnt calm me down in times of when i’m depressed.

  2. I have a lot of Lexapro given to me during my NS. It kinda helps but the side effects are it made me dizzy the mornings after.

  3. So u kept them till now? Haha. I went to goggle the side effects and it seems kinda scary. But it can only be prescribed by psychiatrist right?

  4. Yea. I’ve seen a psyc back then. And yea I kept till now so in case any of these months I sink back into depression, I’ve got some med help. (:

  5. hey dave, don’t sink into depression yah. stay positive 🙂 take loads of care.

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