In the heat of the moment

By: Dave

Feb 09 2010

Category: Uncategorized


I’m not blaming anyone but I just need to rant.

I went down to NUS for the interview. I had to starve and I couldn’t find food after that. When I eventually found subway, I realized I have no cash. I don’t have money in my bank either cos I spent everything and owe my brother 1.1k for the Oly EP1. I had to call up Bryan, Andrew and Shuyun hoping they’re in their halls on a Friday evening. I eventually got my brother to transfer cash (owing him even more than ever) to my account so I could buy some sad bread for my crying stomach. I headed straight home then. The whole evening of my almost weekend was dedicated to what amounted to almost nothing. I was pretty confident that I’ll make it through to the list but it turns out there were more guys applying. Did I appear too fucking fag for hardcore labour? This is the second time. Cambodia must really hate me.

Not to mention I was willing to earn cash for this thing when I am obviously cash-strapped.


3 comments on “In the heat of the moment”

  1. what’s wrong with you?

  2. what’s wrong?

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