By: Dave

Jul 02 2010

Category: Uncategorized


Ok, so G posted something on fb and made me realize that I’m feeling the distance between me and my friends. That among other things that sent me the same reminders. I used to have many friends. I feel like the poster which I saw on tumblr with a huge-ass Barney and bad typography saying ‘you have no friends’ is for me. Then, I’m not typing this because I know you, you and you would be reading. This is not a feeble and low attempt to get attention. I just have this need to express this distance I’m feeling. Many things changed me.

I’ve mentioned not too many posts ago that I’ve been through what I term as the hell-phase of my transition into someone of this age. When someone go through that, he won’t step out the same person. Seasons passed, things changed and when you have the time to look back, you realize your shoes don’t look the same anymore. Your journey changed the way and pace you walk. I think I’ve scars – real ones that reminded of an operation which left emotional versions of the former and psychological scars that burnt white hot pain into your brains, keeping you stoned for a time as if you’re on drugs. It would be disrespectful to think I’m the only one. But no one has the same ones in identical places. Some of us are unfortunate; we’re born with them. Society made it worse. You’re stigmatized and stereotyped. There is nothing that would get rid of these marks. Most live a painful life with it while the less fortunate ones are consumed by it. We don’t pull the strings; we’re all powerless.

On a different note, J asked if my decision was based on emotional reasons. I couldn’t even answer it. It came out as probably even though I’ve been telling myself they’re made for myself. When I finally observed my own behavioural patterns, I saw a different purpose. It wasn’t for me. And it’s just worse when these – despite mere – sacrifices went unnoticed. If life’s a stage play, I must be the entertainer in yours.


4 comments on “Distance”

  1. Think I must be that entertainer too. You’re quite correct, no two people have the same scars at the same places.


  2. Lol. J is that you or are you not the J I am referring to? You better text me! haha.

  3. hahaha!

    I dont think I’m the J you mentioned in your blog (:
    I’ve just started reading your posts ytd, and I like how you pen down your thoughts (:

    gogogo david! (:

  4. oh ok. Thanks anonymous J. lol. It’s all gibberish in nature.

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