I actually care.

I think I’m interpreted wrongly almost 75% of the times. When I speak or do something, it looks like I don’t give a damn or am uninterested. I’m not. I believe we’re all more than what we say. Certain feelings can’t be expressed in words. Sometimes – probably due to a poor vocabulary bank – we feel that the sentences to describe how we feel at the moment are all understatements. But I do care for everything that concerns me and people I love. I wish I have all the time for everyone but this is a difficult world we live in. It’s a constant struggle to balance your life and how much of it you can offer to those you care. Despite my lack of showmanship in the way I express myself, I actually care. I may sound sarcastic or brush you off with a snide remark but it’s how I work. Maybe I’m a chaotic mix of intro- and extrovert, because that’s the only explanation for the abstract behaviour. Or I’m crazy. But I still care.


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