And that person you can confide in.

By: Dave

Jul 13 2010

Category: Uncategorized


Secrets, if they have a flavour, it will be sweet and spicy with a little pungency that chokes. But every secret has it’s own unique flavour. Because some secrets are so sweet we can’t wait to share with the ones we love while others are bitter and you can only swallow it quietly. We’re hurt sometimes by the secrets we’re told; secrets of ourselves that got warped and blown out of proportions, secrets of others we shouldn’t have known for the better of ourselves and secrets that changed us from neutral parties into judging pedestrians. We get better when we get that heavy secret off our chests with the people you trust. We entrust our secrets to those we open up to. But when things go awry, the action of giving away your secrets becomes your mistake. You feel like your weaknesses are exposed, you’ve been betrayed and your prerogative lost. It’s very much beyond our control and comprehension. Secrets have deep psychological impacts much less discussed than inter-relationship disasters. We will never be able to know if each decision to open ourselves to others is going to be a wise one, we can only tell ourselves each time we do so that there may be repercussions and that when it happens, our armour is ready to take the damage coming this way.


4 comments on “And that person you can confide in.”

  1. OMG! I simply love your this entry… if only there’s a LIKE or something for blogs… surely I will like it… and the song matches the entry perfectly.. 🙂 send me!!! 🙂 haha!

  2. imma gonna copy this but definitely will give credits to you. *liked*

  3. @Desmondo! If you use wordpress, there’s a ‘like’ function actually. (: I’m glad you liked this post. I was inspired by the song and I heard it from the promos to Pretty Little Liars. I think you posted it somewhere. So I was inspired by you! 😀 I haven’t watch the show yet. I feel like reading the books but maybe after I get bored of the show. lol.

    @whoeveryouthinkiam: Erm. Copy? Haha. Is it even that good? But thanks for the credits given. But I wouldn’t know if there’s any credits or not right. haha.

  4. serious.. haha! i only watched 3 episodes and love it so much.. cant wait for the whole season to be complete. haha! 🙂

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