By: Dave

Sep 14 2010

Category: Uncategorized


A tiny part of me died that day.


4 comments on “”

  1. hey! are you alright?

  2. hello huining! sry havent been talking much online ah. haha,. I’m alright, don’t worry! (: Are you good there?

  3. pardon me for my late reply! i’m doing fine now though. had my first taste of home sickness last week and started crying! 😦 lessons here are quite alright as it is similar but the cantonese english is really too much for me to understand what the profs are talking! you should seriously come to my school someday if u are coming to hong kong. it’s breathtakingly good (as in the outlying scenery).

  4. sighs. I wish I can go over k. I’m so stuck in Singapore. ): I want to abandon familiarity and dive into a foreign land. Sians.

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