While I’m waiting

By: Dave

May 10 2007

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Yea, bleachexile.com is getting way too popular. So much so that I can no longer download my episodes from their site smoothly anymore. From 7pm I’ve been trying to download ep 125 and I’m still trying to now. I don’t understand why they don’t support download accelerators. Using the conventional and old school IE download manager is way to slow to keep me alive. ):

Anyway we still don’t get Kkk’s explanations. Please use layman terms to teach math because this is like H1 and if you’re going to use H3 language we’ll just murder you before you can play softball. :p Des was whining to me about how terrible his math tchr is too. And guess what, we both had Mdm Yang take us over for a few days when our own teachers were away. Obviously the respone was in unison, ‘she is way way better’. (: I’m thankful I survived Mrs Loh’s econs classes till now. There are certain things about her lessons that just bore us to the core. She doesn’t instill this urgency to do more econs, instead she just go on and on about how soon the As would be approaching. In a way that helps but it sure doesn’t when that’s about all that she do that’s effective. I heard nobody attended the make-up lesson after tnf meet; not even Des/HuiQi/Jerelene’s class! Woah.

Anyway, after GP I decided to transform into a mugger. Unfortunately I ran into wenxin and MT mustika (some very lame and amusing inside joke) so I didn’t mug very much other than 5 pathetic pages of nonesense. The very 1st thing that caught me and Amantha’s attention was how packed the lib was at that time. But after one second of scanning through, we realised its all J1s and they’re there because of some econs fac test. According to wenxin J1s’ life isn’t exactly normal this year because they have way more tests (compared to non-existent ones last year) and those muggers just can’t get enough of mugging. Okay so I infered that.

Math is very boring. Very very unfortunately, we’re issued some srjc paper to do. I know it’s good practice but if Chem-is-TRY then math-e-MAD-ticks. Urgh.


One comment on “While I’m waiting”

  1. Heh. Guess somebody’s not gonna be happy at us tomorrow. hur.

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