We have an insane side, I’m sure.

If I do take the role of a parent one day, I would lament to my kid:

If you do not study and realize no raw talent to back you up, you will regretfully end up as a regular in the army. You will be ordinary and very much a regular person with nothing to be proud of. You will be dismissed as a sad being worthy of nothing more than a sub-conscious glance. And I’ll disown you.

Okay, maybe I didn’t mean the last part but I’ll put in every damn effort to make sure s/he does not end up with a sad life among the green.

For the past 2 evenings I’ve been coming home past 9 especially monday when I arrived at the doorstep at a grand time of 10.40pm. Trust me, I was cursing and swearing with the images of myself digging out the bastard’s heart, force-feeding him his filthy organ that pumped his toxic blood around his now carcass. I kinda lost it today when the round superior (read: filthy and unworthy slave) came rounding up our asses claiming we will never learn a lesson. Look who hasn’t learnt a lesson. Look at who is enslaved to do manual chores which require zero talent, zero intelligence and minimal logic. Look who’s holding the same rank after 52 months of barking. We have learnt more things than you ever would with whatever remaining lifespan you have so grasp this little fact that you’re lousier and inferior. Don’t come barking at me and watch your tail because I can’t wait to set it on flames.

Other than becoming stupid due to the lack of brain use while in camp, this 400-per-month obligatory job has driven me one step closer to becoming a murderer. And we wonder who would be first on my killing agenda.


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